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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Why Donating Blood Is the Best Donation You can Ever Make ?

If you are curious about why it is often stated that, "Blood donation is tantamount to saving life", "Give Blood, Give life", and many other ways to emphasize the importance and nobility of donating blood, then you should know these few things about blood donation.

1. People have different blood types. You may be the only person that match the needy patient's blood profile to become an eliglible blood donor. Your act of donation can save his life and your failure to act may put his life at risk.

2. No science has ever been successful to synthetize and manufacture blood. It must be natural and from human source, that too, of the same blood group and other parameters matching.

3. However rich a person may be, he cannot be saved if a donor or donated blood of same blood group is available to be transfused. So, the blood you donate is priceless. It is exactly worth the life of the person that is saved.

4. Donating blood doesn't cost you any money and the volume of blood donated replenishes every three months. So, you can carry out this act of nobility till the day you live well.

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