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Monday, January 21, 2019

Benefits of Donating Blood Regularly

If you are considering to start donating blood regularly, then fantastic ! You'll make a prompt decision of becoming a lifetime donor after reading this. But even if you are a regular donor, you can acknowledge some benefits of donating blood regularly. Here are some benefits of donating blood regularly.

1. You will have your blood pressure and weight monitored periodically
Every time before donating blood, you are required to have your blood pressure and weight checked so that your blood pressure and weight is within the normal range indicating that you are in a good health condition to donate blood. This is particularly beneficial to people in their 30s who are likely to develop hypertension due to stressful life and unhealthy eating habits. Tendency of hypertension can be known at beginning stages and lifestyle modifications along with rigorous exercises can be done to keep it within normal limits.

2. You will have your basic health check up done for free
Infectious diseases and many Venereal diseases are screened for before transfusing your blood to any patients and you are notified if any issues are found.

3. You will know that your marrow is functioning well and is healthy
If you are donating blood regularly and you are well, you can be sure that your bone marrow is functioning nicely and new blood cells are formed normally.

4. Sense of Satisfaction
Immense satisfaction comes from within due to the feeling that you are saving someone's life by donating the fluid of life to them. It cannot be bought or manufactured by any artifical synthetic processes.

5. Weight Control
Helps to shed around 300 grams of weight every three months which would have piled up otherwise. You can enjoy your meal without fearing much about weight gain.

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